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Why Would I Want to Hire a Disability Attorney
and How Much Will it Cost? 

 An experienced lawyer for your Georgia Social Security disability case can be very helpful to you in many ways. First, as your  lawyer I can make sure that you have applied for all disability programs for  which you are eligible. For example, I have seen claimants whose Disability applications were not processed by Social Security, or whose applications were  lost. In several cases, I have been able to argue that the mere evidence of a  communication with Social Security is enough to prove that an application was  filed, thereby preserving my client's rights.

  If Social Security loses your claims file, I can preserve your filing dates and help rebuild the file with the documents in my file.  My staff and I are aware of what should be happening with your case, so we can often spot a problem before Social Security recognizes that something is amiss.

  As your lawyer, I can determine if you are eligible to "reopen" old  applications. In some cases, a prior application, even one filed three or four  years earlier, can be reopened, thereby making you eligible for years of back  benefits. If you ever filed an old application, or even if you simply called  Social Security to inquire about benefits, you could lose thousands of dollars  if you fail to look into reopening an old application.  There are specific rules that govern reopening an old case and you have to request this action if your want to maximize your financial recovery.

  I can also evaluate your case and suggest a strategy to win your  case. After handling hundreds of cases, I have a fairly good perspective as to  what cases are winnable and what cases are not, and what it takes to win a case.  While my opinion is not a determination of how your case will end up, I can  offer you the benefit of my experience. More importantly, if you decide to hire  me, I will make sure that your case file is up-to-date with all medical records.  In addition, I will work with your doctors to "translate" your medical problems  into work limitations so that Social Security can evaluate your claim  properly.

  If your case ends up before a judge, I will present a well-reasoned, solid argument on your behalf.  I will also make sure that your claims file is up to date.  My experience has been that claimants appearing before a judge without representation usually have a difficult time presenting their case - if you are end up waiting two or more years for your day in court, you may want to strongly consider the idea of proceeding with representation.

  If you choose to hire me, I handle most cases on a "contingency" basis,  meaning that I am paid only if I win. My fee is typically 25% of any past due benefits I can collect for you and under this “fee agreement” kind of contract my fee is limited to $6,000..  My attorney-client contract is available on this web site for you to review.

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