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Georgia Social Security Disability Claims: From Initial Application to Hearing

by Jonathan Ginsberg

If you are a Georgia resident and have applied for Social Security disability, you probably already know how slow and frustrating the Social Security disability claims process can be.

There is some good news about Social Security disability in Georgia.  When you do eventually get to a hearing, the judges in the Atlanta hearing offices are usually knowledgeable, fair and well prepared.  If your medical or mental health condition leaves you unable to perform basic work activities, there is a good chance that we will be able to win a favorable decision and recover both monthly cash benefits for you as well as a lump sum check for past due benefits owed.

The Social Security judge listening to your case will have a very clear idea what evidence he needs to see before he will approve your case.  My job, as your attorney, is to identify what medical and vocational evidence will be necessary to win your case and to clearly and concisely present that evidence to the judge. 

Georgia Social Security Disability Claims Must Start With an Application

All Georgia Social Security disability or SSI claims must start with an application - either on-line or via telephone (Social Security Disability’s phone number is 800-772-1213).  Your Georgia Social Security disability benefit claim will then be evaluated by a disability adjudicator and most likely denied.

If your claim is denied, you should not get frustrated and give up since many valid claims are denied.  There are many reasons having nothing to do with the merits of your case that might cause your deserving claim to be denied.  What you need to remember is that you or your representative must file an appeal (called a Request for Reconsideration) within 60 days, or else your case will be closed.

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When to Hire a Lawyer

I often start my representation of Georgia Social Security claimants at the reconsideration stage, and I recommend that you call me to discuss your case if you have been denied.

Although I try Social Security disability cases throughout the State of Georgia, many of my hearings are either held in one of the Atlanta disability hearing offices or are heard by a judge based in one of these offices.  The Atlanta hearing offices are currently backlogged by thousands of cases.  Please see my special report about Atlanta Social Security disability claims.

During my 23 year career as a lawyer, I have had the privilege of representing over 1000 Georgia Social Security disability claimants.  I am “AV” rated by the Martindale Hubbell peer review process and I have written two Social Security related books - the Disability Answer Guide, which can be found at Social Security disability forms and the Child Social Security disability guide. I am also the editor and publisher of the Georgia Social Security disability attorney web site, and I moderate the Social Security Disability blog and I produce Social Security radio each month on the Internet.

I pledge that if you entrust me with your Social Security disability case I will use all of my skills and experience to create a case strategy that will result in a favorable hearing decision.

I also want you to know that I handle most Georgia Social Security disability cases on a “no fee unless you win” contingency fee, with payment coming after you receive their lump sum past due benefit checks.   My Social Security disability law office is located in north Atlanta near Perimeter Mall.  You can reach me by phone at 770-393-4985 or by e-mail.

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